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Porter Financial Services, LLC

Meet your Founder
Chief Financial Strategist –Tamika L. Porter, MBA

With an MBA in Finance and a BA in Psychology, Tamika L. Porter brings a unique blend of training and expertise to this field. Having over 25 years experience in the corporate financial sector, she is a skilled professional who specializes in Forensic Accounting Services and Financial Management, Cost Control and Growth.  When she’s not looking at numbers, she enjoys spending time with her family, attending social and networking events and taking time to just relax and enjoy Gods beauty.  

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Our Company

Porter Financial Services, LLC is a one stop source for comprehensive accounting services, financial management and financial analysis.  Our overall mission, is proper financial management by understanding the psychology of money.  We help manage our clients financial and operational activities, while reducing risks, tightening up on forecasting goals and managing cost control.  With our support, clients are able to cut through their “to do list” and set a course for financial success. 

We help grow your business by utilizing thousands of programs to leverage working capital thus creating business sustainability. In our financial coaching programs, we devise a going forward game plan to assist  with achieving business and personal goals that are comprehensive and sound. We also offer a personalized curriculum to reflects the unique needs of the client through our needs assessment tailored to each individual client. In our financial literacy courses, we provide financial coaching, monetary literacy, successful spending habits seminars, and habit trainings. These programs are designed to deliver takeaway skills which will create better money management.

Some of the services offered at Porter Financial Services LLC include: Tax Preparation, Tax Planning and  Filings, Bookkeeping and Balancing Books, Payroll Management, Capital and Cash Flow Management, Forecasting and Financial Growth,  Business Setup and Consultation, Financial Statement Preparation, Financial Coaching, Financial Literacy Workshops, and Financial Systems Trainings.

Just know I have been where you are. I have personally overcome and had my share of financial challenges when I first started my business. Let me show you how to apply those same hard learned principles to your business.

When\Where\How do you start? Setup a consultation with us ASAP and let’s put a personalized plan together. It’s difficult to focus on the future when you’re worried about the past, so relinquish those concerns to us and let’s start TODAY. We can speak via zoom or by phone.

Services we offer

Tax Prep Services

Personal and Business – Whether you need a hand with your annual returns or want a tax preparation service to assist with your company's quarterly taxes we offer full-service tax support to complete your annual tax filings for the IRS.

Financial Deep Dive

We can conduct a comprehensive analysis of your company's financial health by providing a detailed understanding of financial insights, risk assessments, cash flow analysis, and future projections.

Business Plan Creation/
Grant & Loan Support

Let us help grow your business by assisting you with working capital options, financial goals and forecast projections.

Monthly Bookkeeping / Business Consulting

 In our monthly bookkeeping sessions, we analyze your business needs and offer tax saving initiatives related to your business structure. We also provide a monthly P&L which can help to expose risks, tighten up on forecasting/budget goals and manage cost control.

Virtual Asst/ Admin Support

Virtual Assistants help free up time so you can focus on the most important tasks to grow your business. We can help you cut through the number of items on your to-do list and set a course for future success. We provide services for data entry, email, calendar and data management, appointment scheduling, travel arrangements, and even provide virtual receptionists.

Financial Literacy

We provide training, education and take away skills to assist with money management. We offer a personalized curriculum that reflects the unique needs of the client through a needs assessment. A strong foundation of financial literacy can help support life goals.

Financial Coaching

Hourly Sessions

(A) Financial Independence Game Plan
(B) Deep Dive Discussion of your current budget and spending plan
(C) Debt Elimination Plan with Savings / Investment Strategies

See below for more details....

Bundle Service Packages are welcomed for clients who utilitize multiple services. Packages can be paid in full or on a monthly basis.

Financial Deep Dive Package

  • Business Structure Setup
  • *Annual Tax Prep
  • *Monthly Bookkeeping (2 accounts)
  • Financial Statement Creation
  • *Biweekly Payroll
  • (1) 60 minute financial coaching session monthly
  • EOY Financial Deep Dive & Tax Assessment
  • Price $12,000 (*Additional fees may occur)

Road to Financial Freedom Package

  • Business Structure Setup
  • *Annual Tax Prep
  • *Monthly Bookkeeping (4 accounts)
  • Financial Statement Creation
  • *Biweekly Payroll
  • (1) 60 minute financial coaching session monthly
  • EOY Financial Deep Dive & Tax Assessment
  • (1) 15 min Check-in call per month
  • Price $13,500 (*Additional fees may occur)

Financial Freedom Package Elite

  • Business Structure Setup
  • *Annual Tax Prep
  • *Monthly Bookkeeping (6 accounts( Deep Dive
  • Financial Statement Creation
  • *Biweekly Payroll
  • (1) 60 minute financial coaching session monthly
  • EOY Financial Deep Dive & Tax Assessment
  • (2) 15 min Check-in calls a month
  • 5 Laws of Investing Strategies
  • Email Support for most pressing questions
  • Price $16,000 (*Additional fees may occur)